Picking Out the Perfect Dress for Your Body Type

Finding the perfect outfit can sometimes be quite challenging, especially if we’re not quite sure what we’re looking for. But before you dismiss the idea of a dress completely, it’s important to realize just one thing – everybody is different, every figure and every style differs one from another and thus you cannot expect every dress to fit your body type. It’s crucial to learn some basic rules of dressing up for your body shape and this simple guide can help you with that.


If you have been blessed with an hourglass figure, meaning you have a tiny waist and curves just where you want them, then you belong that privileged minority which can pull off just about any dress type. Of course, you’ll need to learn how to play the curves to your advantage. You can easily do this by opting for a wrap dress, as it wraps just around your waist, emphasizing the curve between the hips and the waist. If the dress has a plunging V-neckline, it can help draw attention to your bosom as well.


Ladies who are used to carrying their weight just around the middle parts, especially in that belly and hip region are commonly known as apples. The key to finding the right dress for this body type is choosing something that will emphasize your legs or the upper part of your body, minimizing the attention towards the midsection. A shift dress has the ability to camouflage your imperfections and help you show off your legs. This in a combination with some stylish pumps and a swing coat is going to do wonders for your figure.


Pear-shaped girls need to learn proper techniques on how to handle those full hips and thighs which are their strongest points. Instead of trying to hide your assets, it would be a better idea to try and create a perfect balance. You can do this by opting for the very chic A-line dress or even a fit and flare. You can try and balance it out by wearing a multi-coloured dress which is darker at the bottom and has prints or bright coloured details at the top.


While some would classify this body type as banana-shaped or even rectangular, most women who have this figure prefer to go by slim. A good dress for this body type can be a bit difficult to find, but it’s surely not impossible. The trick is to find ways to add a bit of curve to your image, which can easily be done with the simple art of layering. Knit dresses are made for this shape and you can greatly benefit from ruffles, peplums and even bubble dresses.


Most people don’t realize the struggles petite women go through when searching for the perfect outfit. Of course, before you decide to run off to the children’s section, try opting for a nice A-line dress instead. Just make sure to choose an appropriate neckline, that will complement the size of your chest.

Plus Sized

If you’re struggling with finding a flattering dress simply because you’re plus sized, then you’re not looking at the right places. Nowadays, you can easily find affordable and stylish plus size fashion garments that will conceal just what needs to be concealed and reveal enough to keep it interesting. Surely, bodycon dresses are the perfect choice for your body type, while you certainly won’t go wrong by choosing an elegant empire or the ever stylish maxi dress. The only thing to keep in mind is not to go overbroad with patterns and colours and stick to darker hues.


Every now and then comes an occasion where we need to bring out our biggest assets, dress up and show what we’re made of. The key is learning to recognize your attributes and finding the right ways to draw attention away from your flaws and towards your assets.



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