Top fall 2016 fashion trends

The summer is almost over and one stylish woman, like you, needs to prepare herself for autumn like a true fashionista. Now, when the slippers, sandals and ALL STARs are going in the drawer, the rubber boots, UGGs and CATs are taking their spot under the spotlight. No more ice – cold cocktails on a slow summer breeze, it’s time for sipping teas and hot coffees curled up inside your favourite plushy blanket. The colour pink is being replaced with orange, sky blue with navy blue and green becomes olive green. You now need to layer your clothes because you wouldn’t want to get cold. Of course, autumn really has some advantages, for example, even though it can be painfully cold, somehow everything feels so warm. The colours of leafs before falling are astonishing, and of course, there is Halloween, hot chocolate and oh, I almost forgot: new autumn collections and fashion shows!


Who says your jacket has to be simple and versatile? That is so boring. Especially when you can find so many fun and great looking coats and jackets such as fluffy – blanket – like outwear, graphic fur that breaks all the rules and those colour – blocked shapes (usually squares) are making you feel like you are walking down the fashion show in the centre of Manhattan. And what about colourful, happy spring shades? A lot of designers decided actually to refresh the entire fashion world by adding bubblegum pink, baby blue and orange sherbet colours on their winter coats. For the ladies who are into classics, some camel leather coats should do the trick, and those who are into experimenting must definitely try patch worked graphic – piece – shaped furs, or the oversized coats which really give you that dangerous girl attitude.


Over the last few years, knitwear has evolved a lot. Basically, you can find it in all colours, shapes and sizes. If you are into chic items, you can choose ultra-popular and fashionable sweater dresses which you can pair with any footwear you want – from sneakers to boots, it will always look fabulous. If you are a lazy bug or simply don’t have time for making enough effort to look stylish, just put on a poncho. They are around for two centuries now, which tells us a lot if you ask me, those cowboys sure knew what’s good, right? Oh, and have you heard about cardigans? They’ve seriously made a breakthrough lately, especially because you can combine them with anything you want, look great and protect yourself from cold. You can wear them with a wool tank under, but also with a long – sleeved shirt. Even with a printed T – shirt under they look bomb.

Other must – have garments

You would never guess what has made a huge comeback this year. That’s right, the velvet. Designers are getting crazy over this fabric and you can now find almost every piece of clothing made out of it. Next, Margiela, Balenciaga and Marc Jacobs have decided to bring back those uber chunky – sole Spice Girls and David Bowie boots. Yes, they may seem a little too much, but they will definitely be worn this year. Fendi, D&G and many other designers are getting pretty serious about tinsels this season. Spice up the coldness with any shiny garment you like. Opposite of this, a lot of designers from Lacoste to Anthony Vaccarrello brought the hoodies on the scene, because the comfort is the key. Now, if your bags are often too heavy, be happy because the bags with embellished straps (kind of like the ones on a guitar) are also coming in stores this fall, to help you overcome the weight of your bags once for all. If you on the other hand don’t need those straps and you get a lot of comments on the way that you hold your bag, joke’s on them because it is your time to shine. Celine and Prada have shown us that it is perfectly fine to hold your bag under your armpit, wrapped around your wrist, on your hip or even around your neck.

This was the short and concise version of all the trends that are coming this fall, and the rest of them is on you to explore. Get ready to rock those streets.


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