Planning an Outdoor Music Festival

A music festival feels more exciting when it is held outdoors compared to indoors. In an outdoor setting, you can enjoy fresh air and cool temperatures unlike in an indoor environment.

However, poor planning may result in unsatisfied guests which means that you might not be able to convince them to attend your event once more.

To avoid such circumstances, below are the top 10 tips for planning an outdoor music festival. Have a look and ensure that you apply them when planning the next event so that you can ensure the complete satisfaction of the guests.

1. Acquire enough equipment

An outdoor music event means that you will need a variety of equipment. For this reason, start with determining where you will get stuff like lighting equipment, sound equipment, microphones, among others. Also, ensure that you hire a professional music production company and let them know the services you need and when you will need them. The production company will also advise you on the right generator required to power the event.

2. Time is everything

If you want to plan a successful outdoor music festival, then you should give yourself some time. In this regard, plan the event months before the scheduled time so that you can have enough time to book the venue, vendors, or the band. This should also give you enough time to market and sell the tickets.

3. Allocate enough time to plan the space.

Once you have located the place where the event will be held, it is upon you to plan the space. So, ensure that plan it wisely to ensure that you leave sufficient space for the stage, restrooms, catering facilities, backstage, among others. Also, ensure that there is enough space where people will walk along when the event is in progress.

4. Acquire appropriate permits

If you are holding your event in public land, then you will need to get the right permits from the city. After all, what you need last if getting interrupted because of failing to get the right permissions. So, ensure that all paperwork is in order to ensure a successful event at the end of the day.

5. Budget wisely for the band

No one wants to gets a negative return after planning an outdoor music festival. With this in mind, it is upon you to plan for the artists wisely so that you can ensure that you get some gains after subtracting the costs from the gained revenue.

6. Plan the entrance

Besides planning the space, you will need to organize the entry. In this regard, determine the method you will adopt when letting people in. For instance, you can choose to adopt tickets, hand stamps or wristbands. Also, ensure that you have enough personnel issuing such tickets to avoid people having to stand in line.

7. Engage security personnel

You do not want to plan an event where some people will get in for free. Furthermore, you will want to ensure that you can provide security once there are unruly persons. Hence, hire enough security to ensure that you are prepared in case of uncontrollable people who may end up ruining the event.

8. Diversify the forms of entertainment

What would you do in case of a power interruption? What if your musical system failed due to technical problems? In this case, you will do yourself some good by diversifying your entertainment. In this case, you can adopt comedy acts, magicians, dance shows among others. That way, you can be sure to have a group that will take up the show in case of a power or system failure.

9. Market the event widely

How would you feel once you planned an event only to find a small percentage of the people you had been planning for attending the event? For sure no one wants to have to be in such a mess. In this regard, market the music festival cleverly where you can advertise the event on several social media platforms. Moreover, you can target audiences on other occasions where you can announce your music festival so that you can have a bunch of the attendees attending your event as well.

10. Ensure adequate access to essentials

No event would run smoothly when there is inadequate food and drinks. Furthermore, do not underestimate the need for getting enough washrooms, litter bins, first aid kits and recyclables. After all, you will want to ensure the proper sanitation of the guests.


For you to hold a successful outdoor music festival, then you must pay attention to the tips covered above when planning the event. So, be sure to take each of the points into consideration since the success of such an event means an easier time for you when you want to convince the same individuals to attend events that are likely to come in the future.

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