Reasons why Italian Leather is So Popular

Nothing quite beats a nice pair of leather shoes or a trendy leather handbag, does it? As you probably know, within the fashion and clothing world, of all the different types of leather, Italian leather has long been held as being the best of the best. It’s also likely that you have never really given it much thought as to why Italian leather is so renowned and popular. Well, in the following article that is exactly what we are going to discuss, by looking at some of the main reasons why Italian leather is simply the best.

The Quality

First and foremost, more than anything else, Italian leather is of a much higher quality than others available on the market. The intricacy and attention to detail in the crafting of the material is unsurpassed, so when you buy anything made with Italian leather, you know it has been made to a high standard.

Unique among Leathers

Italian leather, the vegetable-tanned variety, is incredibly unique. See those marks you often get in the hides? They are not imperfections but are naturally-occurring and help to give it that antique and very individual look and feel. Because of that, you will not find two Italian leather products that look exactly the same.

The Durability

Leather already has a reputation for being incredibly durable, but more so than any other type, Italian leather is exceptionally robust and built to last. It is able to cope with serious regular use and will withstand most normal wear and tear, as well as scrapes, scratches and similar damages. Therefore, if you are looking for something that will truly give you great return on your investment, always opt for Italian leather.

Classic Look and Appeal

Italian leather has always been considered to be the height of classic fashion. You will always see it used and incorporated into new lines and designs featured on the catwalks of all the major fashion shows around the world. It just oozes style and sophistication. You will always get looks of admiration and positive comments if you wear anything featuring Italian leather or invest in a beautiful bag made from the material.

Easy to Look After, Clean and Maintain

One of the biggest draws to leather, especially if you are tired of having to clean handbags and shoes constantly is the fact that Italian leather is incredibly easy to maintain, clean and generally look after. It ages beautifully all by itself, and although cleaning it will help maintain it, a simple wipe now and then is all that is really required.

So, the next time you are looking for leather products, you need to give some serious consideration to Italian leather. There are various kinds available. So, whether you would prefer chrome, vegetable tanned, full grain or even patent, you will be guaranteed a material that will last a long time, handle everyday usage and will give you that uniquely classic and sophisticated look you are trying to achieve.

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