Simple Makeup for Men: Tips to Look Natural


Whether you’re a men’s makeup novice discovering that makeup for men exists, or a makeup professional guru. Here are some tips for you to have no-makeup makeup look. Confused? The no-makeup makeup look is essentially the foremost natural method of applying male cosmetics. This result is best for guys that are looking to enhance their looks without being too obvious. A tired face is the first think people notice, specially if you’ve lost weight or lacking sleep, as a result of your face can illuminate this healthy glow.

Before you begin your makeup routine, you have to select what’s good for you and what’s not. Achieving a natural face is easy and straightforward. Start your search for mens makeup products that require very little to no accessories, like makeup brushes and sponges. This will make your first use, an easier one.

So, where do you find a store that sells makeup for men? Yes it is there and it exists. Differio is one amongst the few on-line stylish menswear stores that really sell a spread of cosmetics for beginners and makeup specialists. Most guys look there for makeup products, you can also find worlds best men’s grooming and skin care merchandise, simple, fast and straightforward. Let’s go through the products to buy and what can you use them for.

1. Concealer for Men:

If you suffer from skin disease, dark circles, pimples or or redness, concealer is your new friend. This is oftena well-likeditem in natural makeup for men. A concealer hides most blemishes and imperfections that are showing on your face. Concealer comes in several shapes and sizes, like powder, corrective colours, liquid and pens. the simplest mens makeup for concealing is that the concealer stick, it comes in a slim applier which will be applied and carried discreetly. Try the Absolute concealer made in New York, also available in 4 colours depending on your skin tone. Also available on Differio.

Concealer sticks application:

How to apply it: Select a concealer stick that best matches your natural skin tone. Apply over any blemishes you would like to cover. You can also mix the concealer into your skin along with your tip.

2. Tinted Moisturizer for Men

Do you wonder how celebrities like Ronaldo and David Beckham look always fresh? Hello Tinted moisturizers! Also called shot cream or BB cream, skin-perfecting tinted moisturizer for men is comparable to concealer, however with far more coverage. However, don’t get this confused with heavier makeup for men like foundation. Men’s tinted moisturizer seems like you’re applying face lotion with a natural tint that doesn’t leave a caked-on end. These also are full of skin-friendly, protecting ingredients like SPF to defend your skin from harmful UV rays.

What to search for: Men’s tinted moisturizer with SPF
How to apply it: First start the search for a tinted moisturizer that best matches your skin color. Apply it on your face gently, as if you’re applying face lotion. As simple as this!

3. Waterproof Eyeliner

Feel like your eyes may use a touch sexy boost around your lashes? Guyliners (eyeliner for men) is one of the most famous makeup for men for making a false-lash look while not really swing on falsies. There are different eyeliners available outthere. Just apply the guyliner is with a gel pencil applier that comes with a constitutional implement. You can apply it as needed. For the foremost natural men’s war paint look, you must select colours that match your natural lash color.

What to search for: Men’s eyeliner or guy liner
How to apply it: Watch out, a small touch can go lengthy! Gently line as on the edge of your lash line, and mix harsh lines along with your tip or Q-tip.

4. Semi transparent shiny Lipstick for Men

Contrary to belief, matte lipstick for men doesn’t invariably offer you the foremost natural end. Your lips naturally have shininess to them; therefore applying red-colored lipstick that’s whole matte will look flat and obvious. Matte makeup for men conjointly tends to be drier in formula, which can emphasize any unsmooth areas. Glaze lipstick is reasonably like tinted material with an additional bit of color. It applies with a soft and sheer shine, however it’s not shiny like those aglitter lip-glosses. You’ll get naturally, just-bitten lips.

What to search for: Sheer red lipstick glaze for men
How to apply it: These sometimes are available in a slim packages that appears sort of a pen. Simply dab a touch on your lips and mix along with your tip or rub your lips along.

5. Mens hairlash curler

You can really reach daring, crisp eyelashes while not clumpy, thick makeup for men. All you wish is a simple discreet lash curler. Try to find a compact, travel-size hair lash curler to suit in your pocket. You can always apply it many times during the day for the effect to last longer, however it’s not really necessary.

What to search for: Compact men’s mini lashes curler
How to apply it: Place your lashes as directed on the rubber inside the lash curler and hold for 10-15 seconds.

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