Switch Up Your Look Guys with These Awesome Hair Styles

Do you ever stop and look at yourself in the mirror and feel a little disappointed? Perhaps you have had the same hairstyle for the last few years now, or even longer; or are put off something more interesting and defined because you are not sure you will be able to wear it well.

It may be time for a change, but if you are unsure what is fashionable or the options out there, don’t worry gents. We have you covered. In the following post we will look at some of the current hair styles and why you might want to choose one.


‘Fades, what on earth are fades?’ you might be asking. Let us explain, this is when you have the hair on both sides and the back cut, so that the closer your hair is to your neck it is shorter. This popular look gives a nice gradient look to your hair line, where it seems to disappear eventually in gradual steps. As popular as it is though, it is virtually impossible to get right without using the right equipment, so if you are interested in having a go at this at home, check out the best hair clippers for fades.

Long Sweep

Long hair is very much on-trend again, but if you want to avoid the hairspray-by-the-litre looks of Bon Jovi and the like from the 80’s, you should consider what is known as the ‘long sweep’. This is a great way to grow your hair out to shoulder length, while maintaining a sense of masculinity.

So how do you get the perfect slicked-back look? Lots of good quality styling gel and ask your barber or stylish to avoid putting layers into your hair and to instead get the most out of the length.

The Quick and Soft Parting

Men and women both admire Tom Hardy. So, when he adopts a hairstyle, you can bet it’s going to become a popular look. He has recently turned and taken inspiration from the effortlessly pretty Ryan Gosling for a soft and delicate kind of parting. To achieve this look you need to have short layers and lots of texture. Ideally you should aim to have the sides kept longer by insisting that your barber or stylist only uses the scissors and not the clippers. Although there is no specific point at which the parting should begin, an easy-breezy sweep to the side will give it the soft and relaxed look you are after.

The Crew Cut

Yes, guys, that’s right…check out Ryan Reynolds if you don’t believe that the most functional and practical, but ultimately chiselled and stylish look is back and more popular than ever. What to do with all those flowing locks? Chop them back and aim for a number one on the back and sides with the clippers and a number 6 on the top. Then you can ask your barber to take the scissors to the top so that you have more texture in your hair, rather than it looking to smooth and rounded.

Although this is a simple look to maintain on a day to day basis, you need to be on-point with your barber appointments to ensure it continues to look sharp.

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