Looking for a Stunning Silver Ring That Won’t Break the Bank? Check These Out…

Are you looking to buy a special gift for someone you love or just want to treat yourself to something? (go on, you know you’re worth it!). You may find something spectacularly beautiful at Nina Saget. They have an exquisite collection of silver rings, for instance, that have clearly been designed and crafted with painstaking care and a whole lot of passion.

Nina Saget Paris recently celebrated its 30th anniversary during 2017, and it’s not too hard to see why they’ve continued to one of the most popular jewellers, not just in the city, but in France and Europe. Check out some of the great pieces we have highlighted below.

Love Layered Silver Ring

From afar, this silver ring already dazzles. However, it is when you see it up close that your jaw will drop with just how intricate and bold this piece is. It features a beautiful and contemporary knot – a symbol of the unity a couple shares. A truly sparkling affair, it is a combination of 925 silver plating with stunning crystal pave.

Mini Silver Infinity Ring

The next ring we have chosen to highlight is another daring one. The bold theme of this infinity is not only immortalised by the crystals at the centre, but also incorporated into the actual 925 sterling silver ring itself. Admittedly not for everyone, but if you are not shy and want to show your love and dedication to someone – we think this is a winner.

Classic Silver Ring

Perhaps the choices above are a bit too bold and outlandish for your subtler and sophisticated style? If so, you may find the Classic Silver Ring with its simple 925 sterling silver band design, with small, but dazzling crystals set all the way round, is more your thing.

This ring, we feel, shows where the real beauty in Nina Saget’s work lies – even the most simplistic design can be transformed into something truly sublime.

The One Mongolian Sapphire and Silver Ring

We wouldn’t feel right about this post discussing silver rings from Nina Saget without mentioning the truly glamorous statement piece that is the One Mongolian Sapphire and Silver Ring. The masterfully cut Sapphire has smooth rounds and is set into a silver ring and its vibrant blue hue is perfectly emphasised by the miniature chatons.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about much of the Nina Saget collection, whether it’s the silver rings, pendants or earrings; is the price. Considering the amount of time and effort that goes into these spellbinding items, it is hard to believe that most of them are available for under the $300 to $400 price point.

So, even if you have a tight budget for that important meal or you are planning on surprising the one you love with something as elegant as it is meaningful, it won’t cost you the world. For real Parisian glamour, we are sure you will agree from our choices that you can get all you need from Nina Saget Paris.

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