The Pros and Cons of Sub-Ohming



Sub-ohming is the name given to a style of vaping that makes use of low resistance coils that are lower than one ohm.

To actually understand the whole concept, it’s important to understand resistance and how it affects vape coils.

In simple words, we could put it like this – the lower the resistance of a vape coil, the faster the coil heats up. At higher wattages, the more intense the flavour and more vapour the device produces.

Sub-ohming is usually done with high performance devices such as mods and sub-ohms. And while there is a lot to like about it, some people simply prefer the more practical personal vaporisers which are also smaller and easier to use.

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages offered by this form of vaping.

Pros of Sub-Ohming

Bigger Clouds

The ability of a sub-ohm to create huge clouds of vapour is one of the main reasons vapers take to sub-ohming.

Sub-ohm coils tend to be thicker than ordinary coils, so they heat up a larger surface area of the wick much faster, culminating in a continuous production of clouds.

This, coupled with the fact that sub-ohm devices are usually paired with VG-heavy juice – with more air circulating through the device – and it’s easy to see the potential for large billowy clouds.

Richer Flavour

One of the biggest advantages of sub-ohming is its ability to achieve fuller and intensified flavours. In other words, flavours taste better on a sub-ohm device. For this reason, it makes for a perfect way to experiment with new and exciting flavours.

But the problem with getting used to this is that you will always feel like you are downgrading when using a device that is not a sub-ohm. That’s because sub-ohms provide a way to taste flavours like never before.

Warmer Vapour

Sub-ohms produce warmer vapour because e-liquid is being heated faster as a result of the high wattage.

While a warm vapour might not sound like a good thing, the sensation is actually similar to smoking combustible cigarettes.

If you don’t fancy a warm vape, you could try lowering the wattage but usually, you’re not going to get much more than air out of it.

Besides, it’s not like the vapour is hot enough to burn your mouth or lips – the increased airflow in these devices helps keep it cool enough.

Smoother Hit

While they are more powerful, sub-ohms usually produce a gentler hit compared to vape pens.

There are several reasons for this.

For one, you are inhaling a large quantity of warm vapour, and given sub-ohms are typically direct-to-lung devices (vapour goes straight to the lungs) a high nicotine juice would be unforgiving to your lungs.

Secondly, sub-ohming works best with high VG e-liquids (aka sub-ohm e liquids). High VG juices produce a lot of vapour, hence the need to keep the nicotine levels low.

If you pair these things together (low nicotine and high VG) it culminates in a smoother, more silky vape that you can’t get with high nic/high PG e-liquids.


Cons of Sub-Ohming

Everything that has an advantage has a disadvantage, and this is no different in the case of sub-ohms.

Weaker Throat Hit

One of the most notable downsides of sub-ohming (at least to ex-smokers looking for the satisfaction) is the low throat hit attributed to this style of vaping.

This is the trade-off you have to make for using low nicotine-high VG juice which really doesn’t have the same kick at the back of the throat when you inhale.


As much as good sub-ohm kits fetch at higher prices compared to regular devices, we are not referring to the initial cost.

Sub-ohming is an expensive affair because the high wattage and increased airflow mean you will be burning through your e-liquids at a much faster rate.

Shorter Battery Life

It is true that mods and sub-ohm devices pack a stronger battery than your ordinary vaporiser.

Perhaps the best way to describe this would be to use a cell phone allegory.

You see, your current smartphone also boasts a stronger battery than the regular cell phones of yore. However, despite having a more powerful battery, the smartphone will usually drain the battery faster than a Nokia 3310 could.


This is one of the biggest downsides of sub-ohmvaping.

Sub-ohming places a huge strain on your battery, and if you don’t know what you are doing, the equipment can literally blow up in your face.



When it comes down to it, sub-ohming will make more sense if you prefer a richer flavour and cloud chasing experience and don’t mind spending a little extra on vape juice.

In the case of throat hit, you can work around the low-nicotine sub-ohming juices by opting for shortfill e-liquids.

Otherwise, don’t trade your vape pen for a mod just yet. Regular vaping still has its own fair share of charms.

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