Thing to Consider Before Buying a Barber Chair for Your Salon

A parlour must exude class and coziness if the owner wants a returning client! The idea is to create a welcoming ambience and install state-of-the-art equipment that brings maximum functionality for the customer. From arranging warm decor to purchasing advanced hair styling tools, everything needs to be in a perfect state.

When it comes to purchasing a chair, make sure to look at the range of clients and services you offer and answer a few relevant questions. Who is your ideal customer? What kind of services do clients avail off in your parlour? Is your typical customer most likely to be a male, or female, or both? The answer to the above questions can give you an idea of the kind chairs that will suit your needs. Here, we have compiled a list of things you need to consider before buying a barber chair for your salon.

Extra features for maximum comfort of the client:

Like everything else in a salon, functionality and posh style are striking features that you need to look at when deciding on a barber chair! The idea is to purchase salon equipment with the latest technological updations. A customer needs to sit for hours on the chairs sometimes. To make the customer feel comfortable and safe, you need chairs that are super comfy and multi-functional. There is no end to the available extra features. One can choose as per budget and other considerations.

Here are some of the key features that are coming in the very latest designs are;

  • Adjustable height for clients of different sizes and weights
  • Comfortable recline angle so that the client is comfortable at all times
  • Hydraulic pump for supreme comfort and support
  • Padded arms for maximum comfort
  • Easy to move the wheeled base
  • Comfortable and adjustable footrest and headrest

Premium grade upholstery:

A comfy and stylish chair is probably the first interaction a client will have at your salon. It is crucial to get high-quality upholstery for three reasons – comfort, appearance, and functionality. Take a look at the range available with the top barber chair supplier in Australia, and get a classy one for your parlour. A premium-grade product provides ample cushioning for arms, head and legs. It will be well-suited for all body sizes and weights and is easy to clean so that the next client can settle down quickly enough.

Sophisticated styles and designs:

The barbershop culture has mushroomed in all parts of the world, not just because of the services it provides, but because it is a haven for clients to indulge in some self-care and self-pampering. For the money it costs, no one likes to enter a parlour that is stuffed or unclean or unclassy. The idea is to visit a shop and come out feeling refreshed and relaxed, and feel better about ourselves. A top-class chair assures that as it adds to the decor and comfort of the salon space. According to range and style, there are endless categories of chairs that are available with the salon suppliers. Go through the inventory and choose one according to your salon’s theme and customer’s requirements.

Chair maintenance and warranty:

Investing in a chair is a huge investment! Also, a barber chair will be used at all times. So, maximum warranty and a trustworthy retailer is a must! While long-term malfunction can only be handled by the experts, maintenance of the chair is a must for every shop owner. Whether it is regular cleaning, or lubrication of its parts, or any other repair, it is important to be cautious of its working at all times. A malfunctioned or broken-down chair can cause issues to the client. So, make sure that when you contact a barber supplier you ask for a warranty for the chair and other individual parts.

A barbershop is a place where a customer enters to feel good about himself/herself. The overall ambience and decor of the shop, the hospitality of the staff, and expert skills of the stylists need to be top-notch. For stylists to work perfectly, you need to buy only the most advanced equipment. Like every other equipment, a chair needs to be posh and multi-functional! So, next time you shop for a chair, make sure to get a premium product that assures comfort and safety of clients.

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