Tips for Choosing the Best Pair of Leather Gloves

Gloves are an important accessory in any man’s wardrobe, even if the decision to buy a pair is not always given the attention and care it should. Just buying the first pair of gloves you come to could be a very expensive mistake, or could leave you with cheap as chips gloves that are not designed for the type of use you have for them. In the following post therefore, we want to give you guys some helpful tips and advice about choosing a great pair of leather gloves.

Consider the Application

The first thing you need to think about when choosing a pair of leather gloves is what those gloves is their application. What do you need gloves for? There are a wide range of different gloves designed for all kinds of different situations and scenarios. The leather gloves you buy for work, in industries such as construction, engineering etc. are going to be different from those you might buy for driving to and from work during winter or the ones you would need when hiking. Do you need masonic gloves specifically – again, they are another type of glove. Figuring out what you are predominately needing gloves for will help narrow down your search.

Price and Quality

Like anything, price might not always be the best thing to contrast and compare gloves by, but it can be helpful. For instance, if you are going to hike up a steep mountain in the show, do you really want to trust a cheap and cheerful pair of leather gloves? Probably not, because although they will save you a lot of money, particularly if they are under 20 quid, it is possible that the quality will not be up to scratch.

A good plan, therefore, when choosing gloves while taking into consideration the price is to look for a pair that are not too cheap, but within your own budget. You can also look at a number of different stores and sites to get a sense of the expected retail price of different gloves. This will help you to spot the good deals from the rip-offs.

The Fit

Obviously, you want to find a pair of gloves that will actually fit your hands properly. This may involve actually visiting a physical store, even if you intend to get the benefit of buying online. In a physical store you can try some gloves on in person and work out the size that is right for you. A glove that is too tight or small, will not only look ridiculous, but could cause health problems with regards to your circulation. Not to mention, if they are too small, they are hardly going to protect your whole hand from the cold or other conditions you may be working in or otherwise find yourself in, are they?


Although all leather gloves will state that they have great materials, not all are made equally. This is another good reason why you should try and pay a little extra if you can for gloves, to ensure you get a high-quality pair.

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