Top Tips Nail Technicians Want Their Clients to Know


There are some jobs that are not as easy as they first sound and being a nail technician is one of them.

There are sometimes cleanliness and health concerns to contend with and a host of other things that a nail technician would want you to know, so it makes their job easier and your experience as great as possible when you pay a visit for nail services.

Here are some tips to remember, so that you can enjoy a healthy and happy experience when you next pay a visit to see your nail technician.

Hold off on shaving your legs

There was a much-publicized situation about 15 years ago where a large number of women in California contracted a bacterial infection called Mycobacterium fortuitum after visiting a nail salon.

It came to light that all of the women affected had shaved their legs just prior to their appointment, and this meant that superficial nicks and wounds had left their skin susceptible to infection.

All salons are required by law to rinse and disinfect pedicure tubs with a strong hospital-grade solution after every client, so you should not experience a problem but hold off on shaving your legs and you will reduce your chances of not just an infection, but also help avoid possible irritation caused by perfumed creams that are regularly used in salons.


You may well be very committed to your beauty regime but it is better for everyone if you practice a bit of self-regulation and re-schedule an appointment with your nail technician, if you notice any signs of infection around the nailbed.

Signs include and pain, itching and redness and these symptoms are often induced by biting your nails or picking at your cuticles. Although the salon will aim to be diligent with its sanitization procedures, you could still pick up a bacterial or fungal infection if you turn up with any sign of infection.

Say no to a credo blade

Shaving calluses is actually illegal in many states and even in the unlikely event that the pedicurist offers to shave your calluses with a specialist credo blade, good advice is to decline the offer or don’t ask them if it is something you were hoping to get done.

Even if the practice is legitimate where you are, the National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology suggest you avoid having your calluses shaved, as it can often result in them growing back worse than before, so go for the pumice stone instead.

Speak up

It is never a bad idea to ask your nail technician questions, so if you want to know how they disinfect their tools or what chemicals they use, don’t be afraid to speak up.

This is definitely the case if you are experiencing any pain. You should always feel comfortable and you should not be in pain.

Professional nail technicians everywhere would often prefer you to know about the dos and don’ts connected with keeping your nails in top shape, so you can enjoy the experience and they can do their job to the best of their ability.

Madeline Stevenson manages a beauty salon. She enjoys writing about better ways to improve one’s looks. Her articles can be found on many lifestyle and beauty sites.



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