Top Trending Men’s Hairstyles for 2016


A man’s hairstyle is a one of the best ways for him to express his style as well as personality. It is no wonder; many men have invested in their look and always want to keep up with the trends when it comes to hair. Some hairstyles that are currently being spotted by men have been in fashion for a while now but others are new and popular among the younger generation. Nevertheless, to ensure that you do not look old-fashioned in 2016, you need to have one of the hairstyles below:

Tousled curl boyish look

This hairstyle is meant to make you look much younger than you probably are right now. It is important that you have long hair which is to be cut to mid length at the top of the head. The hair remaining at the top can be tousled to make it look a bit messy for the final look. However, the hair on the sides and back of the head can be cut gradually shorter until it reaches the preferred length. For a more personalized look, include a fringe on the front side.

Side part with high fade

The side part hairstyle has been a favorite of many men for many years as it has never lost its fashionable appeal.  Currently, barbers are customizing the look to meet the needs of their customers by upgrading the style by including a high fade. Although the high fade is the most common, there are many types of fades that you can choose from to match your personal style. It does not matter the occasion, this hairstyle is acceptable for formal and informal settings.

Textured quiff

This hairstyle is ideal for younger men that are going for a less structured look in their appearance. The relaxed look is back, with majority of barbers cutting the hair on back and sides of the head to a shorter length while the hair at the top is left with some bit of length. Styling the remaining hair can be done by twisting it a bit to reveal a natural look. For the hairstyle to look good throughout the day, always use the hair products recommended by your barber.

Slicked back

Men that want to give an impression of class and affluence need to adopt this style in 2016 in order to achieve their goal. The older version of the slicked back look is common in many old movies but the modern version is much better. Using the best hair products to achieve the smooth look ensures that it is maintained all day and the hair remains healthy as well. The more recent version of this style has a side part with much shorter hair to complement the man’s overall look.

Overall, the hairstyles highlighted above are going to influence how men are going to style their hair in 2016. Many of the styles have already been adopted by celebrities and fashion icons that want to stay trendy in the New Year.

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