Understanding The Dangers Of Parasites – What Should You Observe And What Can You Do?

A parasite infection can unravel your life. The most dangerous thing about parasites is that we seldom know they are there until the symptoms start getting severe. This happens after the offending parasite has become strong and gained the foothold in the infected human’s body. Anyone can get infected by parasites. It is therefore important to know the symptoms, tests, and methods to counter parasites.

Parasites can cause a wide range of complications. They are related to the growth of autoimmune diseases including thyroid related conditions. Parasites found in undercooked food can cause toxoplasmosis, which leads to Hashimoto’s and Grave’s syndromes. When a woman is pregnant, her fetus becomes vulnerable to the parasite too.

It All Starts With The Diet

Diet is one way in which you can control parasites – after all, bad diets open the door to them in the first place. Fiber-heavy foods and clean preparation techniques go a long way in helping flush out bad agents in the system. However, anti-parasite supplements are also recommended. Dr. Todd Watts from MicrobeFormulas.com explains that many diets don’t produce the desired results because the parasites in the body are causing additional health problems

Carb-heavy diets promote the growth of parasites like Candida yeast. People who rely heavily on junk food and sugary drinks are just providing an opening for parasites to take over. Those who travel too are at risk of parasite-friendly diets. It is not very easy controlling hygiene conditions when you are on the road. If you have traveled recently and had an episode of diarrhea, then it is best to get yourself tested.

Some Common Symptoms

Your body is constantly reacting to toxins in the system and there are some common signs that point to a parasitic infection. Bruxism is the grinding of teeth, a physical reaction that occurs when a person is sleeping that is attributed to discomfort and restlessness caused by toxic foreign agents.

Have you been experiencing dermatological issues that are uncharacteristic of your medical history? This could be rashes or hives appearing with no clear explanation. Parasites can cause reactions that lead to skin-related symptoms.

The next symptom is harder to pin-point but fatigue is one of the results of a long parasite infection. Let us not forget that the main aim of a parasite is to feed off its host. Imagine all the nutrients that you are consuming being hijacked by a foreign body inside you, therefore not allowing your organs to replenish and rejuvenate. As this goes on for a while, your body starts to wear down and a general weakness sets in. Even a good night’s sleep does not seem to make this weariness go away.

Fatigue as a symptom can have multiple effects too. Many people who suffer from parasite infections have reported a diminished ability to focus and concentrate on a task. Mental tiredness happens as a result of physical stress.

Toxins released by parasites into the bloodstream will also suppress the body’s regeneration mechanisms. These results in muscle pains and joint aches, as the tiredness combined with the weak nourishment of your musculoskeletal parts, leads to physical discomfort.

Digestive symptoms are aplenty when you have parasites, especially those that reside in your gut. Parasites disrupt the balance of your gut eco-system – good microbes that help digest food get depleted.

These parasites take their place and along with absorbing all the nutrients that are meant for the body, they upset the way the digestive system works. Constant feeling of being bloated, diarrhea, and constipation can often happen in cycles. This can lead to overall body fatigue and dehydration.

Other symptoms that can be associated with parasites is an iron deficiency that leads to anemia, bad sleep, and a lack of satisfaction even after completing heavy meals.

How To Test For Parasites

Blood tests are one of the most common ways of testing for parasites. The simplest method which is used is observing the blood for parasites but it does not always reveal everything. Experts recommend that a blood test should include determination of toxins that may have been produced by parasites to show a clearer picture.

Fecal tests on stool samples are also another important method in the identification of parasite-related disease. It is suggested that tests be conducted on multiple samples over a short period to avoid any error. Endoscopy is another way to test for parasite while scans like x-rays and MRIs also help in identifying damage done by parasites.

How Does A Detox Help Remove Parasites?

Think of a parasite as an unwanted guest. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as expelling it with a single day remedy, as such promises can have devastating long-term side effects. Your body is a framework of different systems so a detoxification process needs to be scientific and seamless in nature. A change in diet is a good base for a detox. The detox process usually has a set time period in which you are asked to have certain supplements.

The top detoxification routines can be divided into four processes. Drainage is the first stage and then there are the immune support and detox stages, the latter referring to the expelling of toxins and parasites. The last stage is the stage of progress, where you need to maintain your new-found toxin-free state with a change of habits.

Bad Habits That Can Be Avoided

Apart from the wrong diet, bad hygiene around the house and workplace makes people susceptible to parasites. Smoking and high intake of alcohol weaken the immune system which in turn encourages harmful parasites to take over. These basic lifestyle changes can help bring back the spring in your step.

Whether you are an individual living alone or raising a family, health is the main priority. Give your body all the strength it needs and keeps it in prime shape so you can live the life you want without being bogged down by constant illness. Watch out for parasites and know what to do to prevent them and fight them.

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