What Are the Best Types of Flooring for a Sleek and Modern Home



It is time to pull up that old dingy carpet that makes your room look like it belongs to a house in the nineteenth century; wall-to-wall carpeting is no longer trendy. Put in little effort and add a lot of style to your floors by using the unique materials available today. There are a lot of technologies that have improved the flooring décor options that are becoming the hottest trends.

Stylish Cement Tiles

Cement is not just a drab layer of gray anymore. The material is well-known for its strength; tiles made from cement are durable and now come in brilliant and bright styles. These are a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor flooring. Concrete floors that are stained, painted and colored in creative ways are popping up in lots of trendy places, such as cafes, offices, restaurants and homes. The motifs are modern and the end result looks bold and stunning.

Modular Decking Tiles

If you want your deck patio to have hardwood floors but cannot afford the heavy price tag, then opt for modular decking tiles. These tiles create a durable customized hardwood floor without the cost of complicated installation and pricey materials. The carriage interlocking allows an easy snap together wood flooring over the existing base. These are perfect for small balconies or large wraparound decks.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles are cheaper than wood or porcelain tiles, however do not use vinyl tile that is not durable, and only choose a company that manufactures high quality tiles. Luxury Vinyl Tile or LVT is now a popular option for many people who are looking for modern and trendy designs. Imitation wood or stone has waned a little in popularity. Most interior designers prefer vinyl tiles over porcelain tiles because:

  • Cheaper than wood or natural stone
  • Simpler installation process
  • Slip-resistant and quieter
  • LVT is softer and warmer on the feet
  • Damage proof and economic alternative to wood or stone

You can forget the old floral designs and the dull yellow squares, if the stone or wood look is what you want then go for vinyl tiles. You can install these tiles without or with grout and get a true ceramic or stone look. If you wish a beveled hardwood look then install plank-cut vinyl tiles.

Modular Carpet Tiles

Modular carpet tiles are a fun and new way to decorate your floor, they lend a softness to the décor that adds to the overall look. The tiles are available in many colors and designs, mix and match them as you wish. These squares are versatile and are designed to fit any décor type. You can easily clean up any spills, wash by hand and air dry the affected tile, and put them back.

Glass Floors

Glass floors are often seen in posh hotels and restaurants, but now homeowners are also using them. These floors look perfect in long hallways or even spiral staircases. Do not worry about slipping and falling, there are frosted-glass materials available which are slip-resistant.

Artistic Touch

With artistic ceramic tiles you can bring the color and style of wallpapers to your flooring. Transform your rooms with artistic designs and colors. Turn your floors into a work of art that is good enough to grace the floors of a castle. These are way to add some soul and depth to your home. These tiles not only look good, they are also resistant to moisture and fire and will not stain or fade over time.

The Floor is Lava!

Ever thought your floors were a bit boring? Turn them into an amazing game for your kids with colorful modular tiles that are perfect for a child’s bedroom or a playroom. These tiles have a liquid inside them that swirls around when pressure is applied. Just walking around on the tiles is fun. Available in custom shapes and colors, this quirky flooring idea will be the best thing ever.

Recycled Wood

If you are someone who wants hardwood flooring but don’t wish to make more trees a victim of your home décor then go for reclaimed wood floorings. Old wood is recycled and re-treated and used in decorating homes. This wood has a well-worn look that is charming with all its imperfections lending each slab a touch of uniqueness.  Wood used in old barns, factories and even from historical temples is recycled and utilized.

Eco-Friendly Cork

One of the most exciting trends in eco-design is the use of cork flooring. That’s right, the same material used to plug your favorite bottle of vino is being produced as elegant and modern flooring. With a wide variety of shades and textures—including a glamorous marble-looking finish—this soft, durable and hypoallergenic option is perfect for every space of your home.

Antibacterial Porcelain

A dream comes true for all those OCD-prone people out there. These are the best option for people obsessed with cleanliness and hygiene. With antibacterial porcelain you can rest easy and stop worrying that nasty bacteria, fungi and mold will make your home their home as well.

The kind of flooring you choose will affect the overall appearance and mood of the room. You need to pick the option that goes best with your current décor, i.e: if you have floral additions go for a theme that goes well with it. Good quality flooring will even help appreciate the value of your home.

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