What’s Your Fitness Personality?


Another personality quiz? Well, this is not one of them exactly- but on the other hand it is related. Imagine the different zodiac signs working differently at gym too – as strange as it sounds, there are different fitness personality traits and no two great buddies hitting the gym would be the similar ones in their fitness personality. There could be a similarity though (two Tauruses are definitely two headstrong and stubborn bulls). There are generally a few traits that not exactly define the personalities of gym goers; rather, they possess certain characteristics that matter most at the workout sessions and define the fitness regimen for them.

1. The Disciplinarians

Strong willed and enthusiastic, these are some of the rarest individuals we witness in our social circle at the gym. They take their fitness regimen way too seriously (imagine the level of an OCD patient). This type of gym-goer is goal oriented and possesses a strong set of self motivation and planning to reach out for the targets. Consistency and ambition is what this person stands for and is not absent from the sessions without some really valid reason (otherwise, they’d just conquer any obstacle coming their way). The disciplined ones would be in constant contact with the trainers and would coordinate with planning and designing new workout session ideas (you can always call them up for the trainer’s contact information, what a benefit?). And not to miss, you’d see them in the perfect workout gear with accessories that accentuate their style even more.

2. The Routine Gym-Goers

The routine workout buddies make sure they hit the gym on time each day and take the time required for their workout sessions. However, they do not obsess over it or the fact that they need to be updated about every tiny detail about the program structure or any changes in it. Their gym gear would contain almost all the necessary items and the workout wear would be the comfiest they could choose.

3. The Adventurer

This is the kind that never hesitates to experience new moves of any kind no matter how much the others tend to think before signing up for a new exercise regimen. These individuals are always ready for action and fresh afterwards as well when the others might be sweaty and weary. The adventurers seek for new activities that keep them engaged and flared up. Interest in new beginnings is one of the highlighted traits of these individuals.

4. The Strong Competitor

These individuals are not only concerned about their size and fitness regimen, they’re somehow connected to everyone else’s too with the help of their super competitive nature. The gratification that comes when one has outsmarted (or out-lifted, or out-repped) their workout buddies is one of the ultimate motivation factors for these gym-goers. The sportsman spirit goes a long way in their fitness regimen.

5. The Isolated Happy Go Lucky Ones

These individuals are often seen at a gym working out on their own and not investing much time in socializing before or after the workout session. They find satisfaction without competition by just spending time on their own and working their way through the regular activities without having to be much concerned about the details or others around.

And with all of the above mentioned gym personalities, one thing remains common, the need for artistically designed and comfortable gym wear. Fabletics is offering all of the individuals belonging to a different set of fitness personalities- something to splurge on and enjoy the workout session with wearables that fit all types of requirements from sweat absorbency to stretchability and aesthetic appeal, you name it, Fabletics is offering it.

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