Why Brunch is the Meal of the Moment

The 21st century makes many demands on us all, especially when it comes to fitting in meals with our working day. They used to say that breakfast was the meal of the day – the one you should always make sure you have – but these days it’s been taken over by a much better alternative: brunch.

What is so special about brunch. Well, there’s the fact it combines two of the lighter meals of the day – breakfast and lunch – to give you a late morning meal that is refreshing, filling and delicious, and one that is enough to keep you going through your busy afternoon in the office.

Of course, brunch is not just for those who work hard, it’s for those who want to take a bit of time out and enjoy a light meal with friends. It’s the perfect choice if you want to meet up for a bite to eat – not too heavy, not too early, just at the perfect time.

Choosing Your Brunch

One of the major advantages of choosing brunch over the standard lunch, apart from the time of day, is the variety. Brunch comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and in a wide choice of different ingredients, and is very much a meal for everyone.

Vegan brunch? You can do that! Full on brunch, with everything added, no problem! And if you live in New York City, there’s no shortage of places to enjoy a delicious, reviving and filling brunch with friends or work mates. It’s also a great option or informal meetings, so you can keep your clients happy too.

We found a great website talking about the top brunch spots in NYC, and they cover not only the many different types of brunch, but also split the options by area. You can search for brunch in Brooklyn and Manhattan, Central Park, Greenwich Village and just abut every part of the city, or you can check out the best choices that do a rooftop brunch – a great choice in this wonderful city as well as vegan options.

It’s all here, it’s easy to use, and it’s very welcome if you want to try somewhere new for brunch, or if you need to find that special place that will become your regular haunt.

Choosing Your Brunch

The thing with brunch is that it has gone from being a mix of breakfast and lunch to something of its own making. It’s a meal on its own, one that – whatever you choose – will keep you going for the rest of the day. Some of the best brunch spots in New York City are innovative in their choice of meals, others simple, and all very much affordable.

If you want a great atmosphere, and like to try something different, why not check out New York’s top brunch spots right now, and find out why everyone is choosing the late morning meal as the one to do. Have fun, and find that special place of your own.

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