Why You Might Use Night Cream in Be Pretty beauty shop, Breckenridge

Do you see night creams like Invaincu Nourishing Night Cream as just another way for body care product manufacturers to get their greedy hands on more of your money for something you don’t actually need? This is accurate with many of the products available, but if you choose carefully, there are some great benefits that come from using a different cream at night-time.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Using Night Cream

Night creams come in two main types, and though they have various different names and descriptions, they can be described as being:

Deep Moisture Night Cream

Often referred to as restorative, deep nourishing or ultra-hydrating; these night creams are often similar to day variations but have much higher emollient levels, so they offer a more intensive moisturising experience.

The interesting thing is that you don’t actually need a cream to provide greater amounts of moisture for your skin during the night. Your skin doesn’t absorb it any easier or quicker during the night.

As your skin is constantly going through cycles of regeneration, it is possible if you already feel your skin gets sufficient moisture from your day cream, there is no need to invest in this kind of night cream.

If though, you feel that your skin is a lot drier when you are in the house, it may be worth using a more moisture-heavy cream at night.

Anti-Ageing Night Cream

Also known as lifting, anti-wrinkle or firming; anti-ageing night cream normally consists of ingredients such as retinyl acetate, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and retinol. These are ingredients that can help your skin to increase the process known as turnover or replacing old skin with newer skin. This, in turn, helps you to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and age spots.

The problem is that these ingredients can sometimes increase the sensitivity of your skin and irritate it.

Are Day Creams and Night Creams Different

Generally, there is not much difference between day creams and night creams. Day creams are usually a little lighter and contain SPF; while night variations are heavier and provide more hydration, but do not contain SPF, which makes them at least feel a little different when you use them.

Anti-ageing creams often have greater amounts of active ingredients as they are worn during the night when you are not exposed to UV rays that can cause irritation. Though there are anti-ageing day creams out there; if you find that these cause too much irritation, you could change to using a night cream and use an ordinary moisturiser during the day.

The bottom line is though, if you are more or less satisfied with a daily moisturiser and do not suffer from irritation, you may not need a night cream. If though, you want to better for the increased benefits of the anti-aging properties, without suffering from the irritation, you should definitely find a night cream.

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