The Truth About Binding Love Spells

There is mystery all around us, and no greater mystery than that which is love. Love is something we all have within us, yet finding our true love is not always easy. True love waits for each of us – the perfect partner is out there somewhere – but sometimes, even though you know someone is your true love, they may not realise it. Magic is often laughed at and ridiculed, but what is love if not magic? It’s perhaps the most important magic you will ever experience.

You may have heard of binding love spells from friends who understand white magic, or perhaps you are experienced in such but want to know more. It’s important to know all you can about binding love spells as they – like all spells and magic – need to be carried out carefully and treated with respect; you must never rush into casting spells as you may find it is dangerous and has unfortunate repercussions. What do you need to know about love spells?

Read with Caution

There are two types of binding love spells: white magic, and black magic. Both are effective, and both need to be treated with caution. All spells must be carried out exactly as described in your instructions, or as told by someone with experience. If you are inexperienced, we suggest you talk to someone who is not, and perhaps cast your spell after taking their guidance and advice

Safety is paramount when casting binding love spells, so to begin with, remember the following:

White magic binding love spells must be cast during the waxing moon, while black magic love spells should be carried out during a waning moon. This is very important; do not attempt to perform the ritual at any other times as you will not be successful, and may experience problems.

You must learn the spell intensely, and you must have the correct ingredients ready. You must also make sure you are in the right frame of mind – and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol – and that you are casting the spell for acceptable reasons. It is dangerous and unacceptable to cast any spell for revenge or in a spiteful manner; spells are only for the good of all involved.

These are the basic rules of casting love spells – if you are experienced you will know that there are more that should be adhered to – and need to be taken into account when you are planning your spell.

Why Cast a Love Spell

As we mentioned at the beginning, love is magic, yet the object of your affection may not realise that you are their true love and destiny. This is why a binding love spell can be the link between your happiness and future together. Take the time to consider all the options, look carefully at the spell you choose and what it promises, and remember – this is not something frivolous or to be taken lightly, as it may well have a profound influence on the rest of your life.

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