4 Gift Ideas for the Best Man


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The Best Man plays a central role at a wedding. He helps organize the groom and ensures he gets to the wedding on time. He assists with the suits and organizes the infamous bachelor party! The Best Man makes a speech to make the groom’s toes curl and announces the cutting of the cake. All in all, the Best Man is a key part of the wedding party. And as such, his involvement is commonly acknowledged with a gift.

Say thank you to your Best Man with a present he will appreciate.


A watch is a classic present he’ll be able to wear on a daily basis. Practical and functional, a wrist watch is a personal gift too. Ranging widely in price, pick a timepiece to suit your budget.

A wall clock is also a practical gift he may like. Choose something to hang on his wall that will fit with his bachelor pad or marital home. Clocks come in all manner of shapes and sizes. From a grandfather clock to a small chiming kitchen clock. Contemporary and quirky, or antiquated and formal, pick the timepiece to suit his tastes. For a sophisticated and traditional gift, consider a pocket watch and chain for the man about town.


Accessorize your Best Man with a range of different options. Accessories are a personal gift that can perform a practical function too. Leather goods like stylish belts, or Shinola leather wallets are compact presents that pack a personal punch. The classic set of cufflinks is another popular choice for the Best Man. A stylish Panama hat or silk tie may be to his taste instead.

An Experience

This option opens up a plethora of choices for entertaining your groom. Treat your Best Man to a novel experience he’ll enjoy partaking in. Pick a gift to cater for his hobby or interest. Sports fans will enjoy a stadium tour. Treat foodies to a gourmet tasting experience or wine evening. Take him rally driving, or motorcycle racing for a thrilling ride. Decide if you’ll be accompanying him on his experience day. Set a budget and work within it. There is something to suit any pocket so arrange an event that suits you both.


Is your Best Man glued to his technology 24/7? If so, seek out the latest must-haves and present these to him as a gift. Update his mobile phone with a sleek, top-of-the-range design. Buy him a games console with a collection of games for him to play. Find a practical device like a Tablet so he can work on the move. Buying the latest technology will be a costly gift. For the groom with a big budget, this is sure to please your right hand man. Those with a smaller budget needn’t despair, however. There are lots of inexpensive gadgets to opt for instead. For example, present him with some funky chunky headphones so he can keep his questionable music tastes to himself!

There are lots of options for gifts. Choose the present that most appropriately communicates your thanks for a job well done.


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