5 Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy


Getting older is a beautiful time of life. It allows for more experiences, more maturity, and means that you have made it through adolescence into full-fledged adulthood and beyond. But, as with anything, there can be a downside to getting older, especially when it comes to the health of the body. For those who are getting older or want to prepare, understand that this natural process impacts health in several ways.

According to the Mayo Clinic, aging affects more than just the aesthetics of the body. It is not just graying hair and fat redistribution. The body is actually going through phases that can impact the internal health of the body, too. From high blood pressure to bone fragility to weight gain, aging is something that needs to be addressed, planned for, and combatted when it comes to health.

The following are few of the steps that older individuals can take to incorporate healthy habits into their lives that will keep them feeling younger longer, and looking great, too. While these tips are geared toward the aging, they are great to incorporate at any stage of life. Be you young in age or young at heart, consider these as musts as the birthdays pass by.

  1. Take a Walk

When it comes to healthy activities that help promote youthfulness, walking is a great additive to any daily routine. Even for just thirty minutes a day, incorporating walking into your regimen can do more than just slim the waist line. It will get the heart pumping and actually help in the fight against high blood pressure. It will also help to build muscle strength and memory, too. Not to mention that you will be one step closer to that amazing beach body you have always wanted!

  1. Hold the Juice

While juice is high in antioxidants and can help aid in the vitamin stabilization in the body, it is not something that should be used as a replacement meal. Many times, grabbing a glass of juice is easier and simpler than eating an apple, orange, or banana. Yet, eating rather than drinking these vitamins helps them to better be absorbed into the body and increases their powerful impact. Therefore, if you are juicing in replace of eating, consider this as something to adjust as you age. Be adventurous and try new fruits, too! You may find that not only do you feel better but you find a food to incorporate into your dietary plan!

  1. Drink Water

If you are relying on juices or sugary drinks, stop! Soda and other chemical laden and high-fructose drinks have little to no nutritional value. Instead, consider incorporating a drink that is low in cost and high in value to your body: water! Water helps to move the systems of the body, clear out toxins, and creates a better health picture. It can also help to make your skin look more youthful and glowing, too!

  1. Clean Up…Your Eating that Is

Your diet is more than just something to curb hunger pangs. It is the fuel that your body needs to function. Too often, though, the food that is put into our bodies is high in unnecessary additives, fats, chemicals, and sugars. If you want to age and age well, be sure to start eating more naturally and cleaner. That means less of the quick and easy foods and more of the yummy natural offerings like organic fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. They say, you are what you eat and this could not be more true.

  1. Smile, Smile, Smile… Or at Least Stay Positive

It may sound trite or simple but staying positive is an essential part of healthy living, especially as you age. It has been said that where the mind goes, the body follows and this is very much true when it comes to aging. Therefore, as you start new routines or build a new lifestyle for aging, be sure to stay positive about the different experiences and changes you are seeing in your body.


Though your body and mind may be telling you differently, aging does not have to be scary. Sure, you may start seeing an increase in emails that talk about buying short term health insurance or preparing for your golden years at the retirement home—yikes!— but it is up to you how you spend the second half of your life. With the above healthy tips, you will be able to better your health and build your body and may even start feeling younger than you ever have before. There are many things about aging you cannot change, but your health and fitness are not one. Be sure to focus on that and remember that there is more good than bad comes with more birthdays. Embrace your age and make it the best with every birthday year!

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