4 Must-Know 2017 Fall Fashion Tips

August is already underway, and with it comes the last hurrah of summer. Before you know it, cool fall weather will greet you in the morning as you start your day, and the trees will begin their fabulous natural display of color.

Fall is a fun season for fashion-lovers. The wide range of temperatures and weather conditions make it possible to wear short sleeves one day and a cozy sweater the next. Fall is the best time to bring out your tall boots and knitted wraps, to name just a few. Accessories like scarves and hats can be fun to mix and match along with the old standbys like necklaces and purses.

If you like to stay fashionable but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg or walk around town looking like a somewhat bizarre runway model with “experimental” designs, then these down-to-earth must-know fashion tips are for you:

  1. Vintage Plaid. Plaid is in season for 2017, but to really rock this trending look, you actually need to look for plaids inspired by the iconic looks of the 1970s. Big squares, deep colors and heavy fabrics help to mimic the fashionable plaids of of this era. Wear a plaid shirt by Saint Laurent or mix-and-match with a plaid purse or flared plaid sleeves. Anything that looks like a ‘70s throwback will absolutely complement this trend. Flannel is of course a go-to material for plaid, but don’t discount polyester or cotton fabrics that give off the perfect vintage vibe.
  2. Bright Red and Chocolate Brown. Seasonal colors for fashion trends tend to follow the rules of nature: tender hues in spring, bright, sunny colors in summer and dark shades in autumn. But every year, particular colors are more fashionable in the last half of the year than others. For 2017, bright red and chocolate brown are the two go-to colors. Rock the classic, sexy look of vibrant red from head to toe, or add a splash of color with your accessories. The same goes for chocolate brown: embrace this color throughout your outfit or make it an accent piece.
  3. Wide Belts. Waist-cinching wide belts are back in style, especially those that go over a coat. These belts are purely a fashion statement and won’t be super helpful in keeping your pants from falling down (unless they happen to have quite large belt loops), but don’t let that stop you from wrapping one around your waist or hips during the day. Alternatively, find a wide belt that goes great with your favorite fall jacket and use it to create a trendy and polished outdoor look.
  4. Mid-Length Skirts. Neither mini nor maxi skirts are “in” this fall. Instead, skirts that fall at or slightly below the knee are the latest fashion. If you have a closet full of maxi skirts, you can experiment with raising the hemline. And to show off just how carefully you’ve been watching the runways, wear some fishnet leggings and ankle-high boots to round out the look. Both of these accessories are hot commodities this fall.

To be decidedly fashion-forward this fall, layer everything together. Try to find red or brown plaids, for example, or try pairing a wide belt with a mid-length skirt. See what you can glean from the runway for even more fashion ideas. Hats, high collars and glitzy glitter are other fall trends that you can experiment with this season if you like a bold and fashion-forward look. But most of all, have fun putting your wardrobe together and feeling confident in whatever style you choose!

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