The 6 Steps to Achieving Full Concentration



The start to achieving total concentration in what you are doing is love. Loving what you are doing is also the easiest way to reaching your goals, no matter what they are! However, how do you love everything you are doing, considering not all tasks are as loveable as your lover or favorite movie?

Do not worry. Follow these simple steps, and you will control your wandering mind and focus on the task you need to achieve.

Step 1: Be Prepared

Prepare yourself to concentrate 100 percent on your tasks. Keep your body in a comfortable position that allows for proper breathing and blood circulation. Make sure you are not hungry, drink water and take a few deep breaths. If there are people around you, tell them not to disturb you until you are through with work and declare to yourself that you will pay full attention to work.

Step 2: Be Interested in Your Task

Develop a deep interest in your task by listing or knowing the big and little advantages you will get once you have completed the task. Understand the consequences that come with not completing your task; for example, you will not achieve your career dream objective. Plus, always make use of affirmative words like “I love listening/learning/reading/doing… (put the name of your task here). This task is so important to me.”

Step 3: Engage the Relatives of Concentration

Concentration does not work on its own! Employ as many of concentration’s relatives as possible; for example, have a clear purpose by knowing why exactly you need to complete the task. Next, have strong desire to fulfill your purpose and commit to completing any other tasks related to achieving your purpose.

Believe that you can achieve whatever you desire and set out to do. Finally, reaffirm to yourself that you can commit 100 percent to the task.

Step 4: Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Ones

Never ever say, think or even imagine that you will not be able to concentrate 100 percent on the task. Instead, before you begin your task, imagine yourself having attained full concentration. This will only take a couple of seconds, and you are good to go.

Step 5: Use the Brain Strange Property Tactic

Good teachers, advertisers and salespersons use this strategy to get and hold your attention. What exactly is the strange property brain strategy? It involves asking probing questions.

Whenever your brain hears a question, it immediately goes into search mode and it’s instantly hooked on the topic. Fire another question when the brain is about to finish searching on the first to stop from jumping to another unrelated thought. Here is how that works in the real world.

Take for example, you are reading an interesting story that is raising many indirect and direct questions in the brain. Your brain wants find the answers to all these questions and until it finds them, your brain will even postpone reminding you to eat! You can use this brain property to concentrate as you complete your tasks by asking yourself questions like the what, why, where and how.

Incidentally, this is the fastest, easiest and most effective way for students to concentrate 100 percent in class or during self-study. In combination with nootropics “smart drugs,” several online resources, like Corpina, indicate that this concentration method can help people concentrate on tasks.

Step 6: Work When Working, Play When Playing

This is advice that has been around for centuries, but it is valid. Working with a time schedule will help you concentrate better. If you are watching TV, do not think about work or studies just enjoy the show! If eating, concentrate on the aroma, texture, taste and the value it brings to your body.

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