BTA1 – Boost your limp locks #thinhairproblems

hairThin hair is one of the more difficult beauty problems to address. It makes beautiful Hollywood hairstyles a distant dream, and covering bald spots nearly impossible. But don’t give up hope! Here are some tips to help you put some life and volume back into those limp locks.

Change Your Hair Care Routine

One of the most common problems people have with limp hair is that they are too enthusiastic with conditioner. While conditioner is an important part of any hair care regime, too many people use it incorrectly. Here’s what you should do: Shampoo as normal, working the shampoo right into the scalp and rinse. Next, add a small amount of conditioner (it spreads further than you think!) to the ends of your hair and rinse after about five minutes. The key is to use conditioner only on the ends of your hair because you want the hair near the scalp to retain its volume and discourage oiliness, while ensuring the ends of your hair are protected and nourished by the conditioner.

Express Volume

If you’re in a hurry, or need a quick solution for a night out, volumising sprays or dry shampoos can be a good option. Dry shampoo and other volumisers come in either sprays or powders. Both are effective in boosting volume, but the sprays tend to be easier to use. Apply to your scalp and brush through roughly with your fingers making a shaking motion (the same motion you use washing your hair) for instant volume. You’ll need to wash this out before attempting to change styles, so ensure you leave enough time to de-volume your hair by a thorough shampoo and condition afterwards to keep it healthy.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are becoming more affordable and increasing in quality, making them a good mid-term solution for volume and style. Hair extensions are best suited to adding volume in long or medium length hair. The problem some thin haired people may find is that it doesn’t disguise thinning around your face and scalp. If you have thinning around your hairline, these are not the best solution for you – this problem is best addressed with volumising spray, choice of hairstyle (as some styles can draw further attention to the problem), or a more heavy-duty approach as discussed below.

Secret Weapon

If you’re looking for something more heavy duty to deal with thinning or gaps, why not consider some of the more modern products on the market. BioTHIK is a spray for your hair and scalp made from keratin (the same substance your natural hair is composed of). The incredibly thin fibers feel like you own hair, but boost your volume dramatically. This is also a great product for covering thinning areas where your scalp is visible, including the hairline. The thin strands give you good coverage and don’t look artificial like toupees or carefully placed hair accessories.

Do you have a special treatment that you use? Have any horror hair stories? Let us know how you deal with your thin hair problems!

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