Did the Stars Determine Your Love Life?

starsHoroscopes are almost as old as human civilization itself. Those in tune with spiritual forces from cultures across the globe have turned to the alignment of heavenly bodies to predict fortunes and determine good matches. But when you’ve got a newspaper horoscope, an online horoscope and an app horoscope all giving you different generic readings, how can you know what advice to follow? The stars can and do influence people’s love lives, but it’s not as simple as relying on broad horoscopes. Reach out to a psychic to unlock your individual secret to romantic happiness.

A Personalized Reading

Seekdating advice from a psychic for access to a personalized love horoscope. Think about it. There are hundreds of millions of people who share the same horoscope sign as you; they can’t all have the exact same type of day or fall in love the same way because a newspaper column said they would. What about another newspaper column that gives a completely different reading? Even if you can determine which column is more accurate — if either is actually accurate — the problem is the astrologist behind them is performing a reading for hundreds of millions of people, not specifically for you, and has to be as vague as possible.

A psychic can take multiple factors into consideration when determining how to find and keep the love of your life. For example:

  • The position of the heavenly bodies the very day and hour you were born. Most horoscopes lump people together regardless of the exact day and year they were born.
  • Your aura, including what it says about you and your destiny for romance
  • Possible exceptions in your fate.For example, you may be the child of two people with incompatible signs.

Seeking Specific Advice

Unlike a column in the paper, a psychic at Psychic Cosmos is a real person with whom you can have an interactive conversation. You can ask your psychic to clarify anything that seems vague and to give you more accurate advice. For example, does a general fortune such as “connect with an old friend from the past” mean you should contact someone who’s been on your mind via social media or meet him in person? Is that person the love of your life, or will he introduce you to a friend or family member of his that will prove to be your true love? Rely on your psychic to offer advice and more specific guidance.

Incorporating Other Readings

calendarMany people mistakenly forget about theirChinese zodiac readings, even though the Chinese zodiac had guided people to love for thousands of years. Even if you do remember to look up your zodiac reading, you might not even know your actual zodiac sign. The Chinese New Year is based on a lunar model and is not tied to the Gregorian calendar we know. Even a site such as Forbes.com provides only a general cut off rule of February 4, despite the fact that the Chinese New Year is different each year.

Most people born in January are actually born under the animal associated with the previous year, and people born in February may or may not be born under the sign of the previous year’s animal as well. It makes a huge difference. You might read that your most compatible sign is the Rabbit, for example, and date someone born in 1975 only to discover he was born before that year’sChinese New Year and is actually a Tiger.Your relationship with him would be disastrous, but you wouldn’t know why. The New Year begins on different days each year, so you can’t be sure until you consult an expert.

The stars at your birth play a role in developing your personality and determining the types of people with whom you’d prove most compatible. However, the stars are only one small part of the overall picture of your life. Just as you can’t really rely on your Western horoscope without also considering your horoscope in the Chinese zodiac, you can’t rely entirely on your interpretation of the stars to determine your future. A psychic can reach to the spiritual world and read your aura for a more complete picture of the key to your happiness.

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