Sizzling Specs: Sunglass Trends for Spring and Summer


Finding a store or website that offers the latest sunglass fashions is a start, but with all of the choices, and some being outdated, you’ll need additional information to keep the sun out of your eyes and onlookers knowing that you keep an eye on the pulse of fashion.  If you’re looking to purchase this season’s most-sizzling specs, read the following.

Bright Frames

Sunglasses are meant to temper the glare, and this year, the brightness is meant to refer to the colour of chosen frames.  It would seem obvious that bright yellow would go along with summer fashion, so choosing all-yellow frames is aligned with 2015.  Yet, if you’re not a monochromatic type of person, choose frames featuring a combination of bright colours, such as yellow and bright orange.

Yellow Lens

Traditionally, sunglass lenses were black, but technology and fashion advances with the times, so this year, grab sunglasses that have bright frames and lenses that feature a tinge of yellow or orange hue.  Don’t worry about the bright colours not working as well to fight off the sun’s rays.  Upscale lenses are produced to make you look great as well as protect the eyes.  If you’re especially interested in improving your sight, search online for the cheapest laser eye surgery.

Classic White

Taylor Swift’s current hit is about never going “out of style,” so take a note from classic looks and grab a pair of white frames.  White is classic and classy, and goes with a number of handbags and outfits.  So, since you have the colour out of the way, you can spend more time focusing on the shape of the frames.

Big Frames

You want the sun out of your eyes, but, let’s be honest, you want eyes on you.  What better way to gain the focus of others than to purchase larger frames?  Oversized sunglasses have graced the pages of fashion magazines for quite a number of years to date, but one of the frequent complaints is directed toward the weight of big glasses.  So, if you want to be in vogue but don’t want the weight of the oversized frames to weigh on your patience, be sure to choose something big but lightweight.

Retro Wear

Fashion is cyclical, so it’s no surprise that some looks from days of old are coming around again.  Ladies who were feminine and classy decades ago serve as models for current-day women who want to look chic.  Experimental shapes and tea-tones will be back in style this year, so get a jump on today’s women and take notes from notable fashion icons.

Oval Rims

The sun is round, therefore sunglass rims should be oval; see the connection?  Perhaps not, yet fashion often defies logic and pushes us to think differently.  This year, oval sunglasses are in, featuring peculiar and unique designs.  Using shapes and fashions of yesteryear, yet including a modern-day spin, this year’s rims are oval and spectacular!

Square and Hip

Huey Lewis once observed that “it’s hip to be square.”  Who knew the lead man of the News would see into the future, singing in the 80s about fashion trends of 2015?  You won’t be a “square” wearing glasses featuring such a shape, especially since leading designers, like Prada, are producing sunglasses of the type, with a bit of wood and leather accents thrown in.  Well, it is the fashion world’s prerogative to change its mind, so it makes sense that round sunglasses are also popular.  If you’re not impressed by the thought of featuring right angles on your face, you can smooth things out, purchasing a pair of round (or oval!) lenses.


Leave it up to fashion to create a new term; this year introduces “semi-rimless” sunglasses.  Top manufacturers are playing with designs and leaving a gap between the two lines of frames to create a unique and fresh look.  If you want to compensate for the lack of rim, celebrate another 2015 trend, glitter.  Chanel is one producer that will have glittery frames, so you’ll be in good company.

Scarlett Moore is a fashion stylist. She loves to share her experiences from the field. Her posts can be found on many style and fashion blog sites.

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