Grow Your Nails Long and Strong: Tips and Tricks

Long, strong nails can look very beautiful. However, they don’t look so beautiful when they are all different lengths, complete with chips, cracks and peeling. If you don’t take care of your nails, then they will suffer. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you to grow your nails longer and stronger:


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Apply Oil Daily

Oil is great for the condition of our nails. I suggest you carry around a small bottle with you every day, and apply it as you remember to. The more you apply it, the better condition your nails will be in! Even if you do this just once a day, your nails will reap the benefits; consider trying LT Organics 100% pure argan oil.

Don’t Forget Your Hand Cream

Hand cream is not only great for the nails, but the hands too. You’ll notice an improvement in the skin condition of your hands, which will make your nails look even better. Just make sure that you aren’t sensitive to any of the ingredients in your hand cream, as occasionally they can dry the hands out or cause an allergic reaction.

Massage Your hands

While you’re applying your oil and cream, massage your hands. Go over the back of your hand, the palm of your hand, and down the fingers and thumbs right down to the nail with circular rubbing motions. This will encourage blood flow and stimulate the hand, which in turn will encourage growth.

Have a Manicure

If you aren’t very good at giving yourself DIY manicures, treat yourself to one at a salon every so often. I don’t recommend having false nails applied though, as these will make your nails weaker, no matter how careful the technician is. A professional manicurist will soak your hands in something nice, shape your nails, apply creams and oils, perform a massage, and may even paint them for you afterwards. You can also have a deluxe manicure, which would include a hand mask for extra hydration.

File Your Nails Carefully

If you often file your nails yourself, make sure you file them carefully. You should never file in a sawing motion, as this weakens the nails. Fail in one direction, and don’t go too fast. Carry a file with you so you can catch any snags quickly. If one of your nails is shorter than the others due to a break, it usually looks best if the other nails are that length too, so bear that in mind.

Take Vitamins and Minerals

There are plenty of vitamins and minerals out there that claim to help not just the nails, but the hair and skin thrive too. Even if you take one multivitamin per day, this could work wonders for your nails. Try it and see!

Avoid Using Your Nails as Tools

Something all women are guilty of at some point, is using their nails as tools. Don’t pick at things with your nails, or do anything that could cause them to break or weaken.

Always treat your nails with care for the best results!



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