How Can Gel Insoles And Heel Cushions Help Your Feet?

Gel Insoles And Heel Cushions Help Your FeetThere are many people out there, including myself when I was younger, who do not look after their feet properly and who only seem to realise how important they are when their feet become painful.  Life can be quite dreadful to say the least when every single step you take causes extreme pain in your feet.  This is particularly true for people who stand up a lot at work or who do a lot of walking. 

There are too many people suffering from foot pain, according to Dr Gary Stewart, an Orthopaedic Surgeon.  Dr Stewart believes that most people don’t need an operation and that badly fitting shoes are often the source of pain and discomfort.  It could be that they are not giving enough support, are too loose or too high – whatever the reason, they cause foot pain.

Dr Stewart is certain that most people would find relief from their foot pain and discomfort by using non-surgical forms.  This includes amongst other things, gel insoles and heel cushions for women.  There are many benefits that come from these, including the comfort of gel insoles on your feet, as we will see.

Shoe inserts such as heel cushions and gel insoles are designed and produced to help correct how your feet fit and sit inside your shoes, to enable your feet to work naturally.  The reasons these accessories target this is because most walking strains, pains and other complaints are caused by your feet not functioning in the correct way.  Therefore, gel insoles help to re-align your anklebones and feet into their neutral position to enable your feet to function properly.  This also lowers the chance of other body parts being affected, like your lower back, hips, shins and knees.

It is also a fact that inserts, cushions and insoles help to distribute your weight evenly, to alleviate the pressure from the sore spots on your feet.  In conjunction to this action, they also absorb a lot of the shock caused by the force of your feet hitting the ground.  This is important because the less strain there is on your feet, the less likely they are to become injured, regardless of whether it is serious or minor.

It should be pointed out that while having gel insoles and heel cushions will undoubtedly stop any strain or pain you have in your feet feeling any worse, it might not be enough.  There are many different OTC pain relievers that could help.  It is also worth remembering that even if you do not suffer from any pain or discomfort it may be a good idea to invest in gel insoles or heel cushions to protect your feet and prevent them from suffering further down the line.

I wouldn’t go anywhere now without some kind of gel insole or heel cushion in whatever shoes I choose to wear.  I especially enjoy wearing them with high heels as it means I can feel as good as I look without any of the horrid side effects that are normally associated with strappy heels!


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