How to Achieve a Look of Luxury Inspired by Switzerland’s Watchmakers

There’s a reason why Swiss luxury watches are so well-known across the world: they are the epitome of elegance, precision and displays of affluence. Every small piece within a luxury watch works in perfect coordination with those around it, creating a watch so beautiful, that it causes an impact all on its own. When it comes to fashion, you want to achieve the same concept: a coordination of components that create a stunning and flawless look.

So how can you bring a whole look together that is inspired by your classic timepiece?


Start with the main accessory

When putting together an outfit, you usually start with the bigger garment pieces and work your way towards smaller accessories. However, when you are sporting a beautiful Swiss Made luxury watch, it must become the star piece and accessory of the whole look. Everything should work around it, matching it just enough that the emphasis and focus remains on the watch itself.

Color code

Consequently, you need to consider the color and design of the watch itself. If the color palette is very light, the best way to make it stand out is against darker colored garments. Likewise, a darker watch will look stunning against light garments, especially if they also have light touches of patterned colors. Alternatively, watches like the beautiful Fleurs Volantes featured below can work either against dark or light colored garments due to its flowered pattern.


Ease up on the distraction

Forget chunky necklaces, ornate earrings or overly complicated dress designs. For a watch to stand out it needs to be the centerpiece, and anything too distracting to the eye will force focus away. Try to keep the look light & clean, just enough to ensure the viewer’s attention will be drawn to the watch.

Add extra emphasis to the area

A great strategy to draw the eye to the wrist is to combine the watch with a few key bracelets on either side that match the watch. Gold and white pieces will look great next to rose-gold watches, and can look very expensive matched together.

Elegance is key

Swiss luxury watches are one thing above all: incredibly elegant. For your look to be fully inspired by your watch, make sure that every piece you are wearing fits within the scope of elegance and sophistication.

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