How to prevent frizzy hair this summer

frizzyAre you someone who has problems with getting frizzy hair in hot and humid weather? Then this is the hair care article for you!

Frizzy hair is caused when single hairs kink up and stand away from the main body of hair. Unfortunately, kinky hair reflects light poorly in its natural state and is often described as ‘afro hair’ which anyone can have regardless of their origins.

OK so how do you stop your hair kinking? To know the best course of action you need to understand what type of hair you have. Is your hair coarse and require softening? Is your hair soft and need holding? Does your hair kink a lot with your main hair being afro hair? Do you only have a few frizzy hairs but the main body of hair is smooth? Is your hair over-curly bordering kinky? Do you dry your hair naturally or style with heat? These are all considerations that affect which course of action if best for your hair.


For naturally coarse or dry hair – you need to choose a softening shampoo

For hair that is naturally soft when dry – you need to choose a shampoo that leaves a silky feel prior to conditioning.

You can tell when you wash your hair prior to conditioning whether you have chosen the correct shampoo – your hair should feel soft before you add conditioner, this way you know that you have chosen a good rich shampoo. The more prone to frizz your hair is the less ‘squeaky clean’ your hair should feel at this stage.


For naturally soft, frizzy hair – apply your conditioner in the usual way and rinse as normal.

For coarse hair – leave more of the conditioner in and don’t rinse fully. You can leave up to 90% (maximum) of conditioner in your hair by just slightly rinsing your hair. You must not leave all of the conditioner in as the hair will dull if it is not emulsified slightly with water.

For fine but dry hair – rinse out your conditioner normally, towel dry your hair then spray in some volumising conditioner into your hair before styling.

Styling frizzy hair

Fine over-curly hair – you may need a styling product to hold the hair in place to create a ‘frizz-free’ natural look.

For coarse hair – your hair will require extra softening. Large round bristles and straightening irons are often used to create a straighter, smoother appearance. It is vital for people who have coarse hair to prepare their hair so it is protected from the heat. Applying a smooth and shine serum to wet hair prior to blowing the hair straight makes it easier to smooth the hair down. Then re-apply a little of the serum to the hair once it is styled. This helps to finish the look perfectly and acts like an anti-frizzing agent to repel any moisture that is in the atmosphere because damp weather causes straightened hair to curl up and can even re-frizz. Therefore, using will a smoothing serum will help to protect your look.

For defined curls – spray a curl and shine product onto towel dried hair, comb through and scrunch dry either using your hands to dry naturally or using a diffuser on your hairdryer.

For the ultimate shine

Frizzy hair reflects light poorly due to the kinked cuticles. These damaged cuticles cause chaffing between other hair cuticles rather like sandpaper lifting the ‘hairs’ up on wood. The abraded cuticle layers cause light to be refracted rather than reflected which loses your hair’s shine. If you apply a shine serum to your hair, it will coat the damaged hair cuticles and cause the light to be reflected back giving your hair a good healthy shine.  Most shine serums can be added to dry or wet hair for that added shine boost!

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