What You Should Know About Laser Hair Removal

Many of us have hair that we don’t really want. While hair was designed by the body to protect us essentially, as we have evolved we don’t need as much of it. There are many techniques for getting rid of unwanted hair; waxing, plucking, shaving, to name a few. However, all of these things must be done again and again in order for the effect to last. With a treatment like laser hair removal, the hair can be gotten rid of permanently after a while, with no need to ever think about it again. Interested? Read on to learn more:

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Too much hair can be considered unattractive these days. This goes for hair on the legs, under the arms, and on the bikini line especially. Many women don’t like to have too much hair on their lips, arms, or their eyebrows either. Some unfortunate women have darker hair than others, or even have hair growing in places where it doesn’t typically grow for women, like the chin and cheeks. For cases like this, laser hair removal can be perfect.

Shaving, waxing, and other forms of hair removal can be time consuming and tedious. Plus, you must do them very regularly to keep up their results. With laser hair removal, you can get rid of all of your unwanted hair and keep it off for good. You will need to go for multiple treatments, but once you’ve done that you will develop less and less hair until it’s gone completely. The reason that the effects aren’t permanent straight away, is because the hair can be in a variety of cycles. There is only one cycle that you can catch the hair in that will make the removal permanent, and there’s no way of making sure the hair is in that cycle before going ahead. It’s likely that some will never grow back straight away, but you’ll need to persist with others until they’ve all been caught in the appropriate cycle.

Laser hair removal sounds like it may be painful, especially because of the word ‘laser’. However, around 90% of people say how they find it almost pain free! There’s also been talk over whether skin colour or tone can play a part in the effectiveness of the treatment, but this treatment is effective for everybody. Different hair colours have different strengths, but everybody can benefit from a treatment like this.

We recommend around 6-8 treatments ideally to get the results you want. First though, you will need to have a test to ensure that you don’t have an adverse reaction to the treatment. The procedure will follow, and aftercare advice will be given.

There are specific ways you must prepare for a treatment too; like avoiding getting rid of any hair yourself for a good few weeks in advance. You don’t want to disrupt the cycle of hair! The clinic you are attending for treatment should tell you everything else you need to know.

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