Post-Lockdown Winter Landscape Ideas To Keep You Uplifted At All Times

Winters are the season of holidays, but at the same time, it could become dull with heavy snowfall. Perhaps, all the colors of mother nature either fade away or are covered with snow.

Nevertheless, there are ways you can add color to your surroundings, particularly your yard.

Yes, you can plant some winter shrubs and herbs on your land and enhance its natural appeal. And not only that, but you’ll also find some other ideas in this article that will help your redesign your landscape for the upcoming winter season.

So, without making you wait anymore, let’s dig right in.

Include Berries

Berries grow all around the year. All you need to do is find a suitable class of berry that could survive the winters in your region.

For example, compact Inkberry holly can withstand even the harshest winters of the arctic region. Similarly, Bayberries can also withstand harsh winters and even grow waxy berries known for their fragrance.

You can also look for berries that can survive through all four seasons. For example, China Holl shrubs can withstand both chilly winters and droughts.

Evergreen Shrubs

If berries are not your cup of tea, then you can explore other range of evergreen shrubs as well.

Red osier dogwood, an extremely strong plant. Although its flowers bloom during May, it’s rather its bark that makes it worthy of winter landscapes. It’s bark changes from red to burgundy through the seasons. Thus, adding new colors with every season.

Other shrubs that you may explore include, plume grass,  Gold Thread false cypress, and many more. These shrubs are perennial if cared for properly.

Irrigation For Plantations

A rather necessary inclusion for your winter landscape project is the irrigation system. As the experts at explain, during winters underground irrigation systems tend to freeze. Installing a pre-heater to help the fluids flowing can help.

But, then again, if you’re using a sprinkler irrigation system you may need to rethink about using it during winters. The sprinkles of water would settle on the surface of your softscape and freeze to form more snow.

Unless you want your landscape to look like a Christmas castle, it is rather better to deliver the water directly to the roots of your plants and shrubs. You can, of course, consult with an irrigation system professional to know more about how to do it.

Focus On Your Hardscape

Apart from planting new berries and other shrubs, improving your hardscape elements is also important. For example, missing out on the maintenance for your patio, outdoor kitchen, and furniture can disrupt other elements of your landscape.

You can install some ferry lights around your patio, or you can also install a canopy to keep out the falling snow. It needs no saying that snow can damage your furniture and other hard elements of your yard.

Another improvement that you may try is repainting your furniture. With the Christmas season approaching, it would make sense to paint them in Santa Red with textures of sled and reindeer. It could take your landscape renovation efforts to a whole new level and leave your guests awe-inspired.

No matter how you plan to improve your landscape for the winters, it is necessary to have a target in mind. With clearly defined objectives, you can easily navigate and execute the tasks necessary for a stellar makeover.


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