Choose Your Signature Scent with These Fail-Proof Techniques

“Perfume is like a new dress, it makes you quite simply marvelous”. This quote by Estee Lauder still holds out today in all its forms. A perfume, be it for a man or woman, is something that announces the arrival before the person has arrived. It is that part of anyone’s persona which speaks a lot without uttering a thousand words.

And that is why everyone ought to have a signature scent which describes the personality in the best way. But how to choose one when you are spoilt for choices in the market. Let these pointers guide you in the right way.

Tip No. 1
Research and Categorize
When it comes to choosing the perfect one for you may be just like finding the love of your life. It may or may not happen in a day and that is why you should always be ready with your research.

See what appeals the most to you among notes like Woody, Green, Aqua, Floral, Oriental, Smokey, Musky, Citrusy… Oh! The possibilities are truly endless and then categorize to make the combination that you think speaks to you the most.

Tip No. 2
Be open to exploration
When it comes to choosing a perfume for yourself, there are a lot of new options that you may come across. The perfume specialists at maintain that it is very important to be willing to take in on new options. And that is why it should do you good to try out a variety before settling on one that just goes in with your vibe the most.

Tip No. 3
Be Patient
Rome was not built in a day and your signature scent is definitely not something that you can decide on one fine day right after waking up in the morning or sipping a cup of coffee. You need to try wearing a lot of perfumes first to decide which one goes with your persona and your body’s natural odor the best.

Tip No. 4
Go with Your Instinct
We understand how much you value and hold on to your BFF’s opinion on everything important in your life. But this journey is about finding ‘your’ signature scent and that is why you need to see what you feel the most resonating with. Her or his inputs are always welcome but the final decision on this one will always be with you.

Tip No. 5
Begin with Lighter Notes.
If you are a newbie and are just starting to test the waters, then it would always be a safer bet to begin by spritzing on lighter notes on yourself. Such fragrances are buildable and you would never feel going wrong or over the top with them.

And since you would be in a figuring-out stage at first, they are some of the greatest options to choose from.

Tip No. 6
Choose wisely
This may come across to you as something unimportant but it is not. Just like too many cooks spoil the stew, similarly, having too many perfume choices to make a selection from will confuse you even more than you may already be feeling. Hence, it is always better to choose the top three and then take your sweet time to figure out which one you like the most.

The Gist
Thus, now empowered with these guidelines, we wish you all the best in finding your signature scent. Though it may feel overwhelming but what you need to remember is that your perfume is you, so just go with the flow!

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