Tips for Planning Your Summer Style

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, summer is just around the corner. We’ve already started seeing the first signs of what’s to come. That means it’s now the time to start thinking about your summer wardrobe. If you’re going to be prepared, you need to plan in advance! You don’t want those warm summer days to catch you off guard.

Summer fashion is often best when it’s kept simple and is not over thought too much. Here are some top tips for your summer style.

Repurpose Your Clothes

Preparing your summer style doesn’t have to be all about shopping and spending lots of money. If you want to stand out and create something unique, why not repurpose your old clothes?

If you know someone who is good at making changes to clothes, tell them what you want and let them get to work. Or you could take your clothes to a local tailor. You could turn that big autumn shirt into a sleeveless summer top!

Get the Right Summer Shoes

If your shoes aren’t right, your life probably isn’t right either, and this is never truer than in summer. Picking out summer shoes is as much about comfort and practicality as it is about style though.

One style you should probably avoid though is those huge platform shoes that are popular in summer. They aren’t very practical, and you’ll get tired of them quickly. Some simple ankle strap sandals should be your staple.

Don’t Forget About Jewelry

It’ll be your accessories and jewelry that will help you stand out from the crowd during the summer. If you want to find some bargains, charity shops and second-hand shops often harbor hidden gems.

If you want to spend a bit more money, visit Houston Gold Exchange. There you can browse the rings and bracelets and decide what will look best with our summer outfits. Shop around to find the summer jewelry that’s right for you.

Wear White

People often think too hard about what colors they should wear during the summer months. For me, anything goes, and it’s just about finding the style that fits. But one color that you should start with is white, you can’t wrong with white in summer!

From there, you can go wherever you like. Summer should be fun so try different patterns and prints on your clothes, and let your white outfits act as your foundation that you can return to.

Find the Right Sunglasses

Be optimistic about summer! It might not be as warm and sunny as you want it to be, but, for now, let’s assume it will be. That means you’re going to need a great pair of sunglasses.

There aren’t many things more fun than hunting down the right pair of sunglasses for summer. Mirrored sunglasses are best, but which price, size or shape you want is entirely up to you and your style decisions.


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Hopefully, these summer style ideas will have got you thinking. The next step is to take action and fill that wardrobe with summer outfits!


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