Unleash your inner fashionista with funky yet classy looks

How many times have you opened your closet that’s overflowing with clothes, and yet you end up saying, “I have nothing to wear?” Yes, it is the ultimate dilemma we all go through every time we want to wear something unique.

Even after spending half of our lives deciding what to wear, we women end up styling ourselves with the same monotonous look. Not anymore. You can easily make a style statement by combining your funkiness with your classiness.

Sounds bizarre, right? What if there’s a way to do it? So, to change “I have nothing to wear” to “I have everything to wear.” Here’s what you need to know. 

  • Drape your kimono supermodel style

Did you know that kimonos can be paired with your everyday jeans, pants, skirts, and dresses? Yes, you read it right! With minimal effort and creativity, you can spice your everyday looks. Believe it or not, around 65% of women love pairing kimonos to give a classy look to their outfits.

The contemporary era definitely belongs to prints, especially when it comes to kimonos. Prints like floral, patchwork, rosé work in kimonos are so much in style right now. Try pairing long kimonos with short dresses, crop tops, and your favorite track pants. It will allow you to keep your look minimal, funky, and, best of all, stylish.

  • Pair your funky T-shirts wisely

Do you love wearing colorful and printed T-shirts but don’t know how to style them? Well, worry no more; we have something for you to make you look gorgeous, classy, and fashionable in those funky T-shirts.

T-shirts look best when paired with blazers, jeans, pants, short skirts, long skirts, jackets, and shorts. But if you want to go for something creative yet classy, try to add calligraphy and design patterns from different cultures. In fact, the Persian design pattern in T-shirts is gaining popularity worldwide.

If you are not confident with your matching skills, go for the fashion rule that says, “Prints and plain look best when combined.” In simple words, if you want to wear a stylish and funky T-shirt, combine it with a plain skirt, jeans or pants. It will help you match the wavelength. 

  • Experiment with neon shades

It is known that fluorescent hues inject warmth to your outfit and gives a sunny look to your personality unless you overdo it. You can either style the neon shaded tops or T-shirts with subtle prints and colors.

However, a complete monochrome neon look would be a good choice if you want to go for a formal or classy look. Just remember to dial down the drama in other aspects such as makeup, accessories, and shoes.   

To Sum it up

You can always go for stylish accessories such as handbags, jewelry, and sunglasses to complement your look. In the end, even the perfectly styled outfit fails if they aren’t carried well. The best tip in the fashion industry is to stay confident and comfortable in whatever you wear.

Once you know what suits you best, you won’t need anything else to rock the world.

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